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Barbara Bondariuk

Salsa, Bachata, Reggaeton Instructor

Barbara Bondariuk is an international Latin Dance teacher and champion in the styles of salsa, bachata and reggaeton.

Her dancing career started early at six years old. She studied at the Classic and Folk dance studio ensemble in Ukraine, where she graduated with honors. By age 11, Barbara became fascinated with modern dances and for the next seven years, she danced in an ensemble where there were no restrictions on styles: folk, modern, ethno, contemporary, break dance, hip-hop.

In 2006, she became a professional dancer, and worked in a dance ensemble in Turkey where she performed in various live shows. She was introduced to social dancing in 2011 and is passionate about it to this day.

Every year since 2012, she has attended international festivals and congresses across Europe, where she studied with the world’s best instructors and performed with her ensemble. In 2019, she studied in Barcelona (Spain) at world-renowned Farray’s Dance Center.

For the past five years she was a main teacher at CasaDeRitmo Academy, Ukraine’s first latin dance academy, est. 1997.

Barbara is the recipient of many awards in dance competitions, including first place Bachata Masters of Ukraine 2019, second place Salsa Masters of Ukraine 2018 and 2019, third place Salsa Lady Style Masters of Ukraine 2018, and second place Reggaeton Masters of Ukraine 2017.

She has been teaching 10+ years Salsa Cubano, Son Cubano, Rueda de Casino, Bachata tradicional, Bachata Sensual.

In addition, she has been a choreographer and competition judge in Ukraine, and was the creator of author projects, including “Lady Style and Body Movement,” “Musicality,” “Classical dance for social dancers,” and “History of Salsa.”

She has recently moved to Ottawa and co-founded with Yanina Rusenchyk the Casa Dance Project. She is thrilled to collaborate with the team at DQ Ballroom and Fitness.