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Bachata is a romantic and rhythmic dance style that originated in the Dominican Republic. It combines elements of bolero with traditional African rhythms and other Latin influences. Bachata is danced in pairs and is known for its close connection, and sensual movements.

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Bachata Dance Classes for Beginners

Embrace the Sensuality of Bachata

If you are new to Bachata, our beginner classes provide the perfect introduction. You will learn the basic steps, such as the side-to-side movement and simple turns, as well as the essential hip movements that give Bachata its distinctive flavour. Our experienced instructors will guide you through leading and following techniques, ensuring you and your partner move in harmony. In these classes, you will discover the joy of dancing Bachata and experience the intimate and playful connection it fosters.

Bachata Classes for Intermediate & Advanced Dancers

Enhance Your Bachata Skills

For those with some Bachata experience, our intermediate and advanced classes offer the chance to refine your skills and explore more complex patterns. You will improve your footwork, musicality, and partner communication, and learn intricate turns, dips, and body isolations. These classes focus on mastering the nuances of different Bachata styles and enhancing your ability to interpret the music with expressive and dynamic movements.

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Discover the Passion and Connection of Bachata

Bachata is a dance that appeals to people of all ages and skill levels, offering a blend of passion, connection, and musicality. Whether you are a beginner looking to start your dance journey or an experienced dancer seeking to refine your technique, our Bachata classes provide a fun and supportive environment to develop your skills. Join us and experience the joy of Bachata, meet fellow dance enthusiasts, and enjoy the vibrant social dancing scene.

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