DQ Ballroom And Fitness

Lionel Doonan

Co-Founder, Ballroom Coach, Personal Trainer, Active Aging Specialist, Trigger Point Therapist

Lionel is passionate about sports and fitness, and he is equally enthusiastic about helping others to enjoy sports and fitness in their own lives. He grew up participating in recreational and competitive tennis and lacrosse. Lionel has acquired a Bachelor’s Degree in Classical Studies with highest honours, and a Master’s Degree in Religion and Public Life at Carleton University. The love of beauty and complexity that motivated his studies of the ancient Mediterranean world also led Lionel to love the beauty and complexity of Ballroom dance. It was during his studies that he first became a student of Ballroom at Fred Astaire. He has competed as an Amateur International Latin and Standard competitor since that time, and most recently has devoted himself to the Standard style specifically. He is currently an active Championship level Amateur competitor and Canadian National Vice Champion over 30. In January of 2020, Lionel, with his dance partner, Melanie, became 5th place finalists at the World Dance Organization’s Senior World Championships in Newark, N.J. Lionel is currently Canadian National Ballroom Champion over 30. He is happy to share his knowledge as an Amateur Standard Instructor.

In 2014, Lionel became certified as a Personal Trainer and worked at Movati Athletic in this capacity until 2016, when he founded “New Again Fitness Inc.,” with his wife . He is fortunate to have been the fitness trainer to recreational, amateur and professional Ballroom and Latin dancers, as well as to amateur competitive and recreational athletes in hockey, tennis, rugby and basketball. In June of 2019, he received a certification for Trigger Point Therapy. Today, he combines personal training and bodywork to bring clients of all fitness levels to a point where they too can enjoy an active and pain-free lifestyle.

Lionel is also an Active Aging Specialist, and he works extensively with seniors to improve their overall fitness, balance and coordination, and mental sharpness. He has run a large and lively seniors fitness and dance program in Nepean, Ottawa, for the last five years. He is proud to have prepared his senior clients for hip and knee replacements surgeries, and to have ferried them successfully through their post surgery reconditioning as well. Lionel remains devoted to helping clients with previous injuries and chronic muscular pain, become the strongest, happiest and healthiest versions of themselves